Ty Beck

VP Business Banking


Contact Information:

NMLS# 709619

About Me:

I like Oak Bank because…
It is a 100% local community bank that knows who it is, knows what they want to do, and they focus their efforts on being the best at these things. Oak Bank also prides itself on creating and maintaining intimate, high touch relationships with their clients as well as their associates.

Favorite Movie:
Tough call, but let’s say Goodfellas, Goonies and Caddyshack in no particular order.

Favorite Hobby:
Triathlons, running, cycling, any and all outdoor activities and spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite Food:
Halibut, Pizza, Street tacos

Favorite Quote:
“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure….than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”