Scan, Submit, Deposit

We work hard to provide you with business banking tools that can save you time and effort. With Oak Bank’s eXpressDeposit service, you can deposit checks from your home or office with the use of a scanner.

eXpressDeposit is easy to use – just scan the front and back of your check and submit the images online. Your check will be deposited after a short confirmation period.

Our eXpressDeposit technology not only saves you time, it simplifies the process, reduces the risk of fraud and gets your money into your account faster. Click here to watch an overview on the eXpressDeposit technology.

Don’t spend anymore time driving to the bank to deposit your checks. Sign up today for eXpressDeposit by contacting an Oak Bank Business Banking Specialist. If you’re already enrolled in eXpressDeposit, click here to log in.

Read about Installing eXpressDeposit Drivers.